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China Flap Wheel

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Material: Calcined Aluminium oxide Abrasive cloth
Specification: Diam.100-350mm,Thickness 20-70mm
Backing: polyester/cotton cloth
Grit Range: 24-1000#
Material of the product with high quality frosted cloth, high elasticity, good self sharpening, high efficiency, good heat dissipation, low noise, long life the product has a variety of sizes to choose from, to meet the needs of more people
The products are suitable for iron and non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and stone and plastic grinding processing, as well as welds, Burr flash stamping parts
Production Process
We have a complete production line of calcined aluminium oxide flap wheel, from slitting abrasive cloth to finished product. We carefully control product quality in every process and ensure product with high quality.
Our package and delivery
1. Usually 1 pcs wrapped with polyethylene film, into small boxes
2. 20-50pcs into cartons
3. Pallets
Our Fair
Workshop Display
About Us
Henan Sanders Abrasives Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of sandpaper deep processing for more than 18 years. The company's products mainly include flap disc/ sanding belt, calcined aluminium oxide flap wheel /fiberglass backing pad, abrasive rolls and other polishing pad etc.
OEM Service
We are professional in OEM service and our OEM orders are mainly exported to Europe, America, South east Asia and other regions銆侾lease freely contact us and send us your require
Customized Service
We have our own R&D team. If you find some products which you are interested in and we don't produce currently, please send us your samples or drawings. We will produce similar products for you.China Flap Wheel

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