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low price Silicone Roller

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1. Heat Resistance. With largest working temperature range from -100℃ - 350℃
2. Aging Resistance. Resist to ozone aging, fluorine aging, light aing and weather aging.
3. Great Electric Insulation.
4. poisonless and tasteless. Will not do harm to human.
5. Non-stick to anything.
6.Great Breathability. Its breathability is hundreds of times higher than many ordinary rubbers.
Application of silicone roller
1. For Leather, paper and plastic making industry
2. For heat resistant rollers and corona rollers

we can customzie the silicone rubber roller according to your drawings, please send me your drawings, I will give you accurate price, my email is linawu268@gmail .com.
Specification of rubber rollers:
According To Customer's Drawing
Diameter10MM-670MM, Length:50MM-8200MM
MaterialNBR, Silicone, Rubber, Polyurethane, NR, PU FFPM, ETC, EPDM
TemperatureAccording customers's requirements
ColorRed, Black, White, Clear, etc can do the color base on your pantone NO.
Roll coreCarbon steel seamless pipe, 304, 316bar
Spindle head304, 316, 2Cr13, 45steel
Applicationindustrial machine, printing machine and packaging machines and so on
What's your advantage?
-Always being Reliable, Professional and Proactive.
-More than 20 years in the various rubber rollers. we not only provide qualified products, but also care about perfect looking surface.
2.What guarantee that you will make them as good as we do?
We can send 1~3 pcs of samples to you for approval, if the quality is OK, we will proceed with our business. We always inspect all spes shown on drawings, and we can offer Inspection Report to you.
3. When will I get the quote and information?
Our team will quote within 24 hours.
4. What if I don't have a drawing?
Please send us photos to check, and the sample, we will make a drawing in CAD, Proe, UG or Solidworks format for your approval.
5. How long will I get your samples?
Depends on material and design, 5 to 10 days.
6.What's your minumum order quantity(MOQ)?
1 piece, small order quantities are welcome.
7.How do you care about the logistic?
We work very closely with the logistic brokers, always to get the most safe and economic solution regarding express delivery, air shipment or sea shipment.low price Silicone Roller

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