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round shower curtain rod factory

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Our History
The company is located in east YiWu industry garden No. 40 north road,Company total area nearly 10,000 square meters,Has conforms to the international production standard。Advanced equipment,And stands up to the most rigorous test the craft technology adds on the science the control system,Has built the deep foundation for the health product good quality.
Our Factory
We has advanced production equipment,with high-quality technical talent,coupled with a scientific management system.these guarantee stable quality for our products. We always persevere the concept of people oriented,making full use of everyone’s creativity.All the products are designed according to the ideal of daily custom in happy the products are designed according to the idea of daily custom in happy and loving families,meanwhile we develop new products constantly.
Our Product
We mainly produce PEVA coil film,,Cotton added coil film,printing coil film,table cloth,shower curtain,shower curtain rod,laungry hamper,washer cover,suitcover,back cushion,shower cap,pet mattes,apron and so on.
Product Application
Article health plastic product limited company,Initiative environmental protection consciousness,Foundation green production,Its product has non-toxic is tasteless,Acidproof bears the alkali,Soft like silk。Cold resistant is heat-resisting,Is not easy to aging and so on,Is the warm family,Senior guesthouse and human apartment necessary product,Product deeply domestic customer
Production Equipment
Production Market
High praise,Also sells in distant markets Europe and America,Middle East,Africa,East offers Asia,Area and so on Russia,Continuously deeply consumer's tableround shower curtain rod factory

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