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Glass Scratch Repair Tool suppliers

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1. Patented product - a kind of back-adhesive Grinding Pad which has strong adhesion and good damping effect; it can directly absorb the vibration generated during glass grinding, which enables a more smooth & stable operation;
2. Manufactured using a new type of technology, the grinding sand paper features a higher shear force and longer lifespan, it can be used to achieve simple, efficient, and perfect repairs for both mild and severe glass scratches; it is improved from the three-stage grinding of the 2016 model to the current two-stage grinding, with a higher grinding effectiveness and faster repairing speed;
3. The dimensions of the Grinding Pad and Polishing Pad used in the configuration of this Kit are 3 inch and 4 inch, and the deformation after repair is better controlled (all sizes are within the range of 1.2 - 5 inches);
4. Equipped with a speed-regulation switch on the speed-adjustable Corner Mill specially designed for the adjustment during glass grinding polishing, this makes it run at a lower speed and runs more smoothly;
5. Equipped with a speed-regulation switch on the speed-adjustable Corner Mill specially designed for the adjustment during glass grinding polishing, this makes it run at a lower speed and runs more smoothly;
6. A patented product - cerium oxide Polishing Pad, which combines high-quality cerium oxide particles directly with polishing sponge, and after adding water, it can be directly polished, this improves the polishing effectiveness and greatly reduces the time for polishing and post-cleaning hygiene.
7. In general, scratches with a length of 5 cm should be repaired within 3 to 5 minutes under normal operating conditions.
8. Easy to operate, easier to use;
9. High effectiveness, will be accepted more easily by users;
10.Even under conditions that require extensive repairs and better control of the deformation, tasks can be easily accomplished.
Our products are not 100% excellent, but we promise:
1. Any scratch or flaw on the glass material can be repaired;
2. The wool track and shallow scratch can be effectively repaired, and there is basically no deformation after restoration.
3. The deep scratch can be ground with a 3-inch abrasive disc, which can effectively control the deformation.
4. Repair work needs to be done manually. Please read the instructions and watch the demo video before operation.
Our idea
Our company seeks to create a century-old brand of Uer, relying on talents and adhering to the corporate philosophy of "good faith, acuity, responsibility, collaboration, innovation, harmony, and win-win".
Please feel free to contact us if you know well and recognize our products, have some distribution channels, and can provide customers with perfect services. Welcome your cooperation in the market gap.
Exhibition View
Tianjin Uerglass Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on the R&D and production of Glass scratch repair tools for ten year's exploration and efforts. Our company has supported more comprehensive repair products and repair solutions for all kinds of clients with rich industry experience, solutions of a variety of glass repair scratches and high-quality professional R&D personnel.
Our products and technologies can simply, quickly, economically and perfectly repair all kinds of defects on any glass surface (such as scratches, glass alkalify, acid corrosion, white fog after tempering, even graffiti and welding slag scald, etc.).
Friendly Tips
We have a long-term cooperative tie with an excellent scratch repair team that can provide door-to-door repair services for customers in need.
If you have a need, please contact our business people in advance for an appointment to avoid unnecessary costs.Glass Scratch Repair Tool suppliers

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